22 Caliber

The morning sun was at its shiniest best. Nicole was carrying a sense of nervousness on her which she was desperately trying to hide and doing it well. She was not sure what she would do. She had never been unsure about anything in her life. She looked at her bag then at the mug of coffee in her hand and then with a sigh fixed her gaze on to the street outside the window. Last night when Venessa called, Nicole could feel desperation running through her and she knew she will have to go through this. But Nicole was not up for this, not now, when everything was going so well.

Nicole floated into her thoughts looking right through the street into the distance. She did not notice the people on the sidewalk or the morning birds chirping away merrily. Her eyes moistened a bit as she visualized Jimmy rushing right through the doors with his school bag on, smiling away with his bright eyes. A tear rolled down her cheek as Nicole hugged her son and she just watched him as he went on chattering about what happened at school.

‘More coffee ma’am?’, the waitress offered. Nicole came back to reality, the chill of tear rolling down her cheeks. She offered her mug with a much enforced smile.

Nicole’s subconscious was in incessant prayers for Jimmy’s health. If he did not get the surgery in time then… she choked at her own thoughts. Venessa had arranged for help but she was not sure what would happen afterwards. Nicole wanted the money and Venessa had found a way to get that for her. She promised to take care of Jimmy when Nicole was not around. She trusted Venessa. She wished if only Venessa would had been the parent to Jimmy which he so deserved.

Her gaze outside the window saw the description she was looking for. A chill ran down her spine and she reasserted her resolve. Her heart swell and her breath deepened. With all her might she slid her hand into her bag feeling for the cold metal of the 22 caliber pistol, reassuring herself. She placed the cash for coffee and walked out of the café with her shades covering her teary eyes.

It was only Jimmy on her mind right now and she wanted the money desperately – even if she had to kill for it.


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