The Misadventure

‘Is this the knock I had been waiting for?’ Bella wondered. The knock in a way jolted her out of the slumber. If only her thoughts were clearer. The last night was horrible. It seemed as if she had been here forever – held in the dark, damp nothingness. The only assist for her vision was a mysterious flicker of light around her.

With a grunt Bella strengthened her resolve to sort this out. There was no way she could ignore it. The only way she could get out of this place was through that door or whatever seemed of it. She was not able to control what was happening to her, her movements slow and restricted. But why? Her mind strained under her thought.

Bella could feel a pain lingering around her – so close, but the pain was not physical and she didn’t seem hurt. It was all around her though, like a cold mist. She could not sleep well since last she could remember. She had feeling as if she had been locked in. She could hear mild whispers outside but she was dead scared to walk out, the feeling of pain and being all alone was holding her back.

‘Where am I? Where are Joe and the kids?’ she wondered. ‘Something has gone seriously wrong’.

Then it all started rolling in her head – once again. She had spent her evening getting packed to go to the farm. Grand-parents were coming together for the holidays. Kids were super excited to meet up and let loose at the farm. Joe himself was very eager; he could spend some time in leisure with his horses. Bella too was feeling good about the farm since she would get to meet her parents after three whole years.

The knocking suddenly brought her back. She clinched her fist and tried to move closer to the door to make out the voices outside. She was not sure why she was threatened. After all, it seemed just like her attic. The only thing she was ever afraid of there were the occasional rats that jumped around and she was very sure they do not knock. She again felt the pain and misty darkness around her.

Like flashes, she started to read through the pain backwards. She could remember flashes of lights and concerned faces flashing by.

‘Where is everyone?’ The thought pulled her back further into the misty darkness. She saw the flashes again – kids at the shop with Joe. They were chirping around as usual. Suddenly something startled Joe and Bella could see his eyes widen – alert. He started running towards her in the car. A loud bang is all she could remember after that and then black out! She could not bring back anything after that. This was the time she actually felt the pain somewhat physically. She was worried about Joe and the Kids.

‘Where is Joe?’ She wondered aloud.

She became restless at the thought of Joe and kids and the uncertainty surrounding their whereabouts. Her resolve became stronger than ever, she moved towards the door, fists clinched. It was getting dimmer by the minute. ‘I have to answer the door now’, she thought to herself. The knocking was getting heavier every minute but Bella was not able to push herself to open the door. It was like something was holding her back.

Suddenly the door rattled hard and she with it. Her breath got heavier and the light started dimming. She breathed heavily and the pain was overpowering. The struggle got intense and she wanted to scream out loud. ‘Stop!’, She screamed. Just then the lamp breathed its last and as though by instinct, the door blasted open on her.

‘Joe – it was you!!’ she murmured to herself, squinting at the sudden blast of light around her. She was elated to see Joe – he looked good. Bella was smiling her heart away but her lips were not delivering her emotions in proportion. She could see his eyes were damp and he was smiling widest between his ears. She could see blurred faces around him, muttering concern and working away their hands on and around her.

Bella tried to sit up but felt pulled down. She ran her blurry vision around her. ‘Kids?’, Bella whispered.

‘They are fine, will be here soon. I am so happy to have you back darling’, Joe mumbled his heavy throat.

‘I missed you, you should not leave me alone like this’, Bella said, struggling a smiled at him.

‘I am never going to leave you alone again sweetheart – not for anything in the whole wide world’, Joe said kissing her clenched fist – tears rolling down his cheeks.

He was ecstatic to see her back in the light – unaware how close she was to the eternal darkness.


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