I see you

The snow-capped mountains sing to you
A lullaby, as soft as the cloak of snow
Sleep on, Oh little one, as the night drifts in
Sleep on with the dreams of rainbows.
For when you wake, the day will be bright
The valley green, the flowers, a delight.
The colors, for now, may seem white and black
But never has a day not followed a night.
You see me; I am a friend of the night
Mostly hopeful, on the edge of twilight.
Hope is what has pushed me through
I too started off slow, and alone, just like you.
This light, the world, they may not want you
But that doesn’t say you can’t want them too
Choose to be brave, you’ve seen the light of day
Hold on tight, winter is not here to stay
You are blessed, my dear; born a girl child,
You did get to open your eyes and spread that smile
Now that that fight is done, you can dream on the stars
Do wish hard on one and cross your heart
‘Cause your next fight, my dear, may not be very far.


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